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Supporting a military unit of Air defence in Kharkiv by providing a 4 x 4 diesel car

Colleague of one of our members ones decided to drop military career and become a businessman. Moved from Kharkiv to Dnipro, settled down there and lived happy family life, with rare reminiscent of his service. Upon Russian invasion organized a squad to guard the neighbourhood. Now, has been called to rejoin his former military unit of Air defence as his skills are very much needed.

As he operates outlying units, we provided his unit with a 4x4 diesel vehicle to help protect our skies effectively.

The current detail of the department:

  • thermal imagers,

  • night vision devices,

  • quadcopters,

  • digital radio stations,

  • 3 wood-burning stoves for heating in cold weather.

Funds raised: €3608

Money spent: €4300

Need to raise: €1000

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